Unexpected Surprises!

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This is going to be one of the most unusual entries I will ever make.  I have fallen in love, and I am also expecting on top of that.  It is just so sudden, but I feel as though I do not mind it.

Cerelorn is a druid, a recent acquaintance, but there was something in his manner that attracted me to him, and vice versa.  It is all because of a recent friend who is having trouble, though.  Starlynna is in the middle of some sick game, and it is wearing thin on my nerves as well.  I will not go into details, however.  There are some things that should never be put down into words, especially my own.  I have several choice words, none fit for public showing or accidental discovery.

Regardless, Cerelorn and I have been together for several days straight by our lonesome selves.  One can imagine the tiny touches or the gentle kisses or the rather teasing tockles that may go on.  Let them imagine.  I am shameless right now; I could not care less how I am viewed at the moment.

Business for me has been interesting to say the least.  Trade partners need to be reminded that it is I that makes them rich, not the other way around.  I make that known very plainly to them.  If one gets uppity, I remind them of their debt to the family, and they all have huge debts I should add.  I can call them in at any time.  The threat is what makes them pay attention.

Any way I slice it or dice it, I find that things are going rather smoothly.  Soon, relative in this case, I will be needing to relax from being Elder Matron and just worry about the child or children inside me.  In time, I will understand what motherhood is really about.


Letting Go of Innocence

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It has been most interesting these last few days.  I have never been in love before, but that experience in Dragonblight has changed me.  I’ve been wanting to become bolder, more worldly wise.  I’ve also felt pangs of wanting a special someone to share my life with.  We Night Elves do not choose husbands in the standard sense.  We choose lifemates, someone we are acutely tied and bound to.

Someone that we would not want to part with, ever.

I am 207…It is well past time for me to choose.  As Elder Matron, it is also my duty to provide a female heir to take over when my days have come to an end.  I led a secluded life in the confines of the Temple, and now it is time for me to part from those walls mentally.  No longer will I stop what will ultimately be my fate.  I refused any herbs from father; I will not short circuit nature.  I will accept fully the consequences of love.  Cerelorn, we are bound now.  Life is forever altered for us.

Business can intrude, but it won’t stop this relationship from flowering.  The time is upon me.  Now I must live my life with the thoughts of another to consider in everything I do.

Blessed Elune, how I just want to leave behind my duties and stay in his arms forever, but I cannot.  I must do my duty to the family and the Temple.

Choices and Consequences

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I have returned from Dragonblight, but I have returned forever altered.  To save the soul of one who was cursed by the target of my hunt, I had to sacrifice something in return.  It appears that this sacrifice is my vision.  I am blind.

I know what some may be thinking.  ‘Surely there is a way to reverse it.’  There is not.  This is the permanent price I must pay for freeing the soul of Olivine from her captor.  The universe acts in balances.  We choose, and we suffer a consequence based on that choice.  Yes, we are destined to a certain fate, but we choose how we get there.  Our choices, our consequences…

My other senses have picked up the lost slack, and I am amazed.  I sense things more clearly now.  I sense every small detail of the world.  And I still maintain the ability to operate in it as I used to.  I will never see the faces of my future children.  I will never see a sunset again.

But I would never trade that for what I have done.  He is still out there, though.

And I will be waiting for his cursed soul, to banish him completely and once and for all.

Destiny and Doubts

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I am a Sister of Elune.  I have duties that I am required to fulfill, even if they seem to be too much for my capabilities.  Or so I think anyway.  Mother always pushed the boundaries of her abilities each single day, and she found out that she had no limits.  Given her Death Knight powers, this was obvious.  But my powers are a far different animal.  They do have limits that are imposed on my body.

Visions, I have seen them.  I have seen the darkness spreading, a dark being that stands in my path.  I have sensed the shadows with him.  I am all that stands in his way.  Destiny is calling.  My powers have been growing uncontrolled and more intense each passing day.  It feels like a burning in my chest, unceasing.  If this power is what will end his threat, then I must control it for as long as I can.  If I cannot, there will be dire consequences, and it will not be just my target that suffers their wrath.

I have my doubts.  I never fought like this.  I never faced a foe head on like this before.  Alone…I hope I know what I am doing, because I don’t think I do.

Passing the Mantle

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No, I am not my mother.  If I was, I would open up with some cheery little thought, some little anecdote of humor, but I am not Pleiadia Moonstriker.  I am her daughter, Cynysia Moonstriker.  I am 207.  I am a Sister of Elune.  I am also now the Elder Matron for my family like mother before me.  It is my solemn duty and utmost pride all at once.  When she died so suddenly, but peacefully, I was left in tatters.  This was not expected, but it is starting to make sense now.

I have been wandering the Frozen North, retracing her steps, seeing the things she saw.  A Sentinel was the life she lived.  She was always at war.  Now she is at rest.  I find myself pondering why life was so harsh at times, and the answer is the same each time.  Life is a large trial; it tests us at each turn.  Sometimes we pass, sometimes we fail.  So far, I have passed.  I have understood my purpose to the family, to the world at large.  It also means that I must collect her stories, her experiences, and tell the world of those experiences.  In time, all will be revealed.  It is just that it won’t be right now.  There are far too many accounts for me to organize and categorize, from the savage and dark to the strange and funny.  When they are organized, rest assured, I will be drafting them in her journal.  Journals carry a unique quality; they can embody the personality and experiences of their owners.  If this is the case, then she must have had a larger than life life.

Only I could wish for that.  Then again, Moonstrikers are good at becoming legends it seems.

An apology before posting

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I really need to be more organized…Four months or more without a single post?  I’ve been hacking away at characters for so long, and I have a new Priestess in the mix.  I also made the decision to ICly kill off my Death Knight.  The details can be found on the Moon Guard Forums, but it was about time.  My Priestess, however, will be in charge of writing from now on.  So if the change in language seems swift, I apologize profusely.  Cynysia will be quite the adventure, nearly Lv74, and already making a name for herself.

The peace of the cold

•November 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

It’s not unusual to find me out in the frozen wilderness of Winterspring.  In fact, it is nearly like clockwork.  Around midday, I always swing past Everlook on the way back to the cottage.  My duties to the Temple were not required today.   The younger neophytes were in the middle of a lesson of warfare, like I was back then.  I spent the day with Raven and Kitsune as per my usual custom.  Kitsune was still very much a sleepy head.  Raven was still a hell raiser.  It made it so easy to care for them as such.  Nursing them was actually the only thing that got either to act normally and awake at the same time.

I was calm about the whole day as I entered the Everlook gate to do some business with the goblins.  They knew I was a regular face these days with the number of transactions I had to do.  Plus, I was an engineer…Tinkering had been a bit of a spirited competition with the others in the area.  I think they enjoyed matching wits with me.  The goblins, however, could not figure out how I could manage the cold as well as I did.  It was a mystery they could not solve.  To that, I had only one response.  If one is born in the cold, the cold really doesn’t bother that person.  When told this, they figured out how unusual I was.

Not only was I a Death Knight, not only was I alive with children, but I was also a woman who had grown up in an environ that was cold enough to give a person frostbite and not be fazed about it.  Eventually, though, my walk had to resume.  I left Everlook and returned home.  My Deathcharger, Twilight, was used to the weather as well.  All Death Knights had such a beast, and some go further to name such.  Thassarrian had his Dusk; well, I have my Twilight.  Both are appropriate names for creatures that belong in the night.

I suppose the peaceful feeling I get from my land comes from the fact that it and I are connected.  It is a place that had seen history in the making after all.  I became part of that history.  In time, my two sons will take their place in history as well.  The wheel of fate keeps turning.

Even for this Huntress…