Block 1

Entry # 4

It never fails. You run into the odd person who snidely insults what you try to do, what you are, and what you are trying to remember and be like again. It is especially disconcerting when that person is young, clearly snotty, and, even worse, of the type who would talk down to others for no good reason.

My prayers to Elune were important; they kept me focused. They kept me remembering the Sentinel I was. I could forgive a person for insulting me solely, but this person had to spread it across to my family. I hope the day never comes that the person must decide between embracing a fallen family member or outright cutting them out forever. If it does, that person will know what true loneliness will feel like in times of trial. But enough of that…

I had met a fellow knight I ran into once again, strangely in better sorts, but there was still a troubled aura surrounding him. All my time as a Sentinel had honed my instincts on these matters. He had died during the Second War, so I have no doubt that this strange new era was troubling to him, too. He led me to the Mage Quarter to show me something. The crypts beneath…I knew what he was doing; he wanted convincing. He wanted to die again. I could not lift my blade in hatred; I told him what I fought for, even if the night was the darkest. Like all things, there was a morning after every night. There was hope behind every despair. There was valor when the times got rough. If I should die honorably once more, I shall welcome it with open arms; that is my nature, to fight the good fight until I can no longer stand at all.

Elune forgive those who see only with their eyes, and Elune be praised for the second chance at honor I have received. I will not squander it; I always do fight.

Entry #6

Walking around Shattrath City has filled me with a renewed sense of what I always was. The Naaru here accepted me, despite what I had become. These beings of Light had filled me with a sense of peace and security that I had not known for quite some time since my departure from Acherus Scourge service. To continue my process of reconnecting with my former self, I decided to ally myself with the Aldor. I had felt the calm they exuded, and it was something I couldn’t turn my eyes from. For once in a long time, it felt good to be in a fight that really mattered.

The Legion still has pockets of resistance here or there, so my efforts will continue to weed them out for the security of this world. If there is anything we Night Elves hate, it is the Legion. With a passion.

Terokkar Forest reminds me much of my home, but I can still sense the taint of corruption in the land. Night Elves are sensitive to that as well. It only reminds me of the taint I must face again once I return to Northrend; I felt the pain of the land very strongly there as well. One day, I hope to end this war on the living, and when I do…I hope my family will let me go away in peace, eternally this time. 2512 years is a long time to be around on this world, and I do not wish to be around for another 2512 years or more. There are times I wish I was kept at rest, don’t get me wrong, but mother’s prophecy remains the same. Protectors are eternal…

This world needs protectors. So does Azeroth.

Entry #7 — Dream Entry #1

Who would have thought? I could never sleep before coming to this City of Light, but I can now. Somehow, this place has a healing effect that defies any means of explaining it. It could be mental, but who knows?

I was back in Ashenvale again. I was pregnant with my seventh child, Serra. My little unit had taken to a conspiracy with about two hundred others and my mother and Tyrande herself! Those wenches, sneaky, yes, but they meant well. Lake Falathim was the place, and one could imagine the shock on my face upon seeing everyone celebrating this new child. What made me so special? There were others in my unit of more notable repute; I was but a simple soldier, though still commander.

“Welcome back, Pleiadia, ” said Tyrande with a grin. “Now to embarrass you. Listen all!”
“Oh-no, you wouldn’t dare bring up that event of my childhood.”

It was…I had caused it to snow in the temple one day, though no one knew quite how. Maybe there was still a touch of arcane energy in my veins…Whatever the reason, I had done it. Yazmina was there and got a most daggerlike look from both Tyrande and mother. This was something they needed to know. Yes, even Yazmina was there to add to the festivities. After more tales of embarrassing repute, it got worse. They dumped me in the water!

It took a short bit to start to laughing about it. I stood up in the water and threw some back at Tyrande.

“Oh, it’s on now, High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind,” I warned with a grin.

That was a fun day despite the chaos. After everyone got either wet or properly practical joked, we had the food. The meal was quite good, roasted bear and plenty of other goodies. I recalled how hungry I was after realizing the third plate had vanished; I made a shy gesture, and everyone just laughed

“And now for the gift,” noted Tyrande said as she handed me a small hand crafted box with a latch. “May it always protect you, Pleiadia, in times of pain and hardship.”

A crescent moon chain…She never told me what it was made of, only that it was a special material. I put on the chain and for a brief moment felt tears. Maybe I was just tired, maybe I was feeling a mood swing, or maybe I felt secure to the point of tears, but it was a sweet moment in my life.

Now I write this in this inn, still wearing this chain around my neck, still wondering how the Scourge could have possibly missed it when they tried to erase as much of my former self as possible…Only Elune knows, and I doubt she would be telling me why anytime soon.

Entry #8 — Dream Entry #2

They just keep coming…Dreams of the past still linger in my mind, and some are particularly embarrassing or not fit for explicit description. I had dreamed of Veridius, my husband, when we were in Winterspring about 450 years ago or so. We had an empty house once more, though Gwyneth, my eldest child, would occasional visit. She was an accomplished cook, and she took it upon herself to cook for us every so often. We were not in house on that particular day, so Gwyneth returned to her home.

But that didn’t mean another sort of ‘meal’ was being prepared. I still blush about it to this day, and I don’t do that too often. To this very day, I still wonder how I could have relented so easily to him. I never did before that point.

Veridius slyly grabbed me on my side and kissed me! I was putty in his hands after that, and that is no mean feat. I distinctly remember looking up at him and feeling the feral side of me let him touch me. After what seemed like days to me, though in truth it was only hours, I gathered up my hunting clothes again and put them on to walk around, Veridius having disappeared to do his duties once again in the Emerald Dream. That was before I noticed a small plain paper wrapping something. A note was attached to it.

Dearest beloved,

I must go once more, but I hope this gift you will wear everyday to remind you of me. There are so many things I wish I could do with you, but my duties to the Dream force me to separate often. Take care, my love. Always remember that I love you.

Your husband,

I opened the wrapper and saw the most beautiful green dress I had ever seen. I put on that dress and suddenly felt very much at ease, very much feminine. Sitting in the snow, bare foot, I had wondered why something as simple as an article of clothing could make me so at ease. I heard footsteps.

“Mother, you were out here?”
“Not entirely alone, Gwyneth,” I snickered slightly.
“I won’t favor that with comment,” she sighed. “Father always said you were easy to get started, though. Now I know in what way. The mental image alone frightens me.”

I had to laugh about that. It probably would for Gwyneth, the ever so formal daughter of mine. She took great pains to be ladylike at all times.

“Father left again, didn’t he?”
“Back to the Dream, yes.”
“I don’t envy you, mother. I’d be caustic if my lover or husband left as regularly as he did.”
“I don’t get angry about that. I know he still watches me,” I smiled calmly.

Sitting in the snow…Bare foot…Something told me that I would never be the same again after that. I would be much more conducive to advances from then on; I needed the vulnerability.

Entry # 13 — Dream Entry #5

As the promised day approaches, I find myself going into more and more fits of dreaming and sleep. The fight I so wish to continue has been on my mind, and that may very well be the reason. I was on the boat to Northrend for the first time; some were apprehensive, and some were scared. Not I, I was filled with hope that I would return home victorious. I also met Bigby Thunderhammer for the first time. This dwarf was someone that knew souls apparently because I was the first one he went to; looking out to sea on a moonlit night, he patted me on the back and smiled.

“A strong Sentinel I see. You approach the coming struggle without hesitation and without fear, and that makes you very special among your kind, Pleiadia.”

I had never told him my name, but I knew that The Light had probably given him that piece of information. I could sense a paladin a mile away, so to speak.

“Someone needs to, master dwarf. I never asked your name.”
“Bigby Thunderhammer, lass, and I know what beats inside you. You are a champion, always will be.”

He invited me to some ale and company…I got quite drunk I distinctly remember. And I told more than I cared to because he started to baby me ever after. Lying in bed to get rid of the stupor and hangover I found myself in, he had watched over me the whole time. When I was sober enough to ask, I did.

“Why, master dwarf?”
“Because even angels needs someone to watch over them, lass. You can’t be strong all the time; it’s just not possible.”

Vulnerability again, I felt tears. This was a person who had seen the worst of war himself, yet he had the caring heart still. He wiped away those tears and told me something that I would never forget.

“One day, lass, we won’t need to fight anymore. We will live in peace again; just know that your efforts will have helped. I may be strong, experienced in war, but I have never seen such a bright soul as yours, ever. You are a beacon of light in this fight, and we need them.”

Then he took a breath.

“Get some sleep, Pleiadia. I’ll watch the door. You will never be alone as long as I draw breath.”

To this day, I still get teary eyed about that last sentence he spoke. Attached to this entry, I have a letter he wrote when I felt I was ready to make that first step back into Northrend, and I did cry a bit on it myself. Bigby always was a touching soul, and I know I will be seeing him again.

Dear Pleiadia,

If you have opened this letter, lass, it means you have decided to continue to shine in the darkness. These dark times swallowed you up once already, yet they could not keep you forever. You have always been a soul that does not back down from the good fight, and I know you will do your level best to take the fight to Icecrown. There are so many things I wish I could tell you in this letter, but there are not pages enough to do that. So I will leave you with these words.

You were never alone at Acherus; I was there in spirit, sharing in your pain. I will still continue to watch over you. You will never be alone. Remember that, lass. This war, this struggle, needs people like you on the front lines, and I know you won’t run away. I know what you are after all, lass.

You are a champion.

Argent Crusader Bigby Thunderhammer

Entry # 15

I had received some terrible news from a druid as I was walking around Darnassus to take in some air of home. Veridius had been caught in the Nightmare, and had not been able to be raised from his slumber. Without him, I did feel rather alone, but I kept feeling as though something watched me.

The Promised Day approaches ever closer, and I need every ounce of strength I can muster. If Veridius is watching me, that’s all the assurance I will ever need. I died to those wastes before; I have no intention of dying to them again. So I wait and fight until I feel strong enough to take that trip.

But I do feel physically alone…’Human’ comfort was something I had grown to like, being near someone that cared about me despite my new state of being. Granted, I am a corpse, no disputing that, but I need someone that cares to speak those words to me, ‘You are never alone.’ I will never have a normal physical life, but I can have the company of those who have seen the things I have. I suppose time will tell.

I can’t be strong all the time; it is a proven fact.

Entry # 18 — Valiance Keep

The Promised Day had arrived; I traveled to Northrend to continue my fight against the Scourge and the Lich King. The moment I stepped off the boat, I felt a strange calm, resolve, and strength. This place, despite all my hardships, felt familiar and safe for me. I walked up to the recruiter and noticed the look on his face. It was like he saw a ghost.

“Pleiadia? I thought we had lost you.”
“Only temporarily. Sentinel-Captain Pleiadia Moonstriker reporting for duty. Again, sir.”
“Report to our boss, Sentinel-Captain. Dismissed, and welcome back to the fight.”
“Yes, sir,” I said with a salute as I walked away.

I took the time to draw in some cold air and actually felt it. I had been becoming very ‘normal’ lately; I could feel the cold again, and I liked it. I took off my gauntlets and motioned in the air a bit, the cold feeling soothing on my skin. I was indeed feeling myself once more. To make it a proper return, I decided to spend the day in the inn to cool my heels and get reacquainted with this Frozen North. As I entered the inn, I heard a familiar voice.

“No, it couldn’t be. He would never be out this far from the fight.”

I walked to the table, and I saw a dwarf telling drunken tales with others, all wearing Argent Crusade tabards. He must have sensed me because he placed a stein in my hands and smiled.

“Welcome back, Pleiadia, lass. Have a seat. I’ve been expecting you. Lads and lasses, this is the woman I was talking about. You’ll find no one braver than her, no one more dedicated.”
“Bigby, don’t embarrass me,” I said shyly, looking away from them. “I was only doing my duty.”
“Your duty was to your team,” said one Crusader. “Dying to protect them is a sacrifice we all want to make, but some don’t have it in them.”
“Aye, lass, you had been a great inspiration for me during these days. If it wasn’t for your strength of character, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Foolish dwarf, I knew I was brave that day, but it wasn’t something I felt needing to be trumpeted. Regardless, it felt good all the same to have Bigby near me. We had been in a lot of fights together. I got drunk again; Bigby had that effect every time I was around him. Ale and stories were a hideous mix for me. He helped me to a bed upstairs and stood guard over me, as usual. Allowing time to get rid of the stupor and hangover, I just laid there, singing in Darnassian like some drunkard. He had to laugh about it, but it was a good laugh, not a bad one.

“No one should have gone through the things you have, Pleiadia, lass. I know what it was like for you. Get some sleep, lass.”

I began to cry…I had been in emotional tatters before, but this was different. I was in happy tatters. He cleared a few hairs from my face and wiped the tears from it before kissing me on the forehead.

“Get some rest. Tomorrow, we’ll talk a little more.”

I distinctly remember falling asleep right after he kissed me. Vulnerability…I needed to feel like a common woman again, not some soldier or commander. He allowed me to do that.

That next morning, I awoke to fresh clothes and a breakfast in bed on the night stand with a small note attached to it. Bigby wanted to meet me in the smithing area. He had a gift for me.

“Just a moment, lass, I’m etching the final runes into the surface of the blade.”
“Runes? I don’t follow, Bigby.”
“Runes that will unlock powers long dormant inside you. You never ask for anything, yet you always need something, especially now that you have decided to fight,” he said as he quenched the blade in a small vat of holy water. “This blade will be you, the Sentinel I knew you to be and still are.”

He handed me the finished weapon and stood back. For a moment, it felt like a normal sword, but it was not. The weapon glowed silver in my hands a few seconds afterward.

“Feel different, lass?”
“Strangely, I feel like I was when I first got here,” I said with my normal, formerly living voice, which caught me off guard. “My voice?”
“And your eyes, lass. Silver once more.”

I was given a special sword that day, and a special gift. I was given the chance to be the Sentinel of old once more, and I never looked back. I was ready for this fight.

Minions of Arthas…Beware, Pleiadia Moonstriker has returned, and I will not falter this time. The fight will continue to your very doorstep of Icecrown this time around.


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