Those of us who have always been born with a quill in our hand sometimes wonder what it would be like to be our characters.  I have done so many times, and this is my first attempt.  World Of Warcrft offers up the unique opportunity to be your character instead of just playing your character.  My character, Sentinel-Captain Pleiadia Moonstriker, is a Death Knight, so her past is pretty much a blank book.  Given those criteria, she can be as great or as mundane as I choose to make her to be.  I opted for a middle of the road approach.  She was mundane in her past.  She is not so mundane in her present.


Some may disagree on that point, but I feel that I have done an admirable job of making her come off that way.  As such, this journal is going to be a reflection of her thoughts and emotions about certain events in her life.  I hope you enjoy the character as much as I have enjoyed crafting her.  It was a lot of fun.


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