Long overdue, but horrible news…

Family business has dragged me from regularly writing in this journal.  The life of an Elder Matron is marked by constantly trying to run things.  However, I wished the situation was more settled.

Remember some time back when I felt a shadow approaching, some unshakable feeling of wrongness?

Well, it happened.  Deathwing flies our skies once more.  Our world has been forever shattered.  And the Horde has overstepped its bounds.  Ashenvale is now a war zone like never before.  In these dire times, I have sent for aid, and it appears that someone else has thought the same.  Qerrathien has returned, and in a new form.  She has taken up the ways of her blood, taken up the ways of a mage.  I have sent some help myself.  Qerrathien is forming the Dark Fall Accord, a union of orders to put things back together again.  I have sent for Androma, of the Highborne branch, to assess and neutralize all threats before her.  Kalimdor must not suffer the fate of Draenor, nor all of Azeroth for that matter.  Now is the time to come together, Horde and Alliance.  If only Garrosh was so understanding, though.  I doubt he will be.  The Horde will become a threat, and we must put it down in order to do our work.  Not a killing blow, but certainly enough to get cooler heads to prevail in The Horde.

We have unexpected allies, however, in the Worgen.  Goldrimm, the rumored wolf aspect of druidism, is responsible for them, except by a curse caused by Arugal.  Now we receive the blessing of an ancient ally in our time of need.  I hope it is enough.

These are tough times, but Night Elves are tough people.  We have survived The Sundering, The Shifting Sands, The Third War, and even the Scourge War.  We will survive this Elune willing.



~ by pleiadia on December 4, 2010.

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