Strange dreams and hidden desires…

((Caution:  This does have mature content.))

Cerelorn has been away for far too long.  To me anyway…When I heard a knocking at the Darnassus home, I opened my door and saw him.  He was back.  I couldn’t control myself.  I punched him, then kissed him on the lips, and then…There was no stopping it.  I threw him upon the bed and tore every article of clothing off of him and myself.  It was like I was not even there.  We rutted and howled as our passions flared.  Until the last moment when we both had let it all go, peaking.

I thought it was real…Then I awoke in bed, all alone.  The sheets were covered in sweat, and my lower body was slicked over.  My body still ached from the sensations, and I tried to lessen their impact by not flexing any of those muscles at all.  Yet it felt very good.  Serranis came in and tried to see what was causing such a stir.  She saw the state of my whole bed.  That was when embarrassment hit.  I flushed.

I walked myself to my tub to clean myself and try to relax the sensations still pulsing within me.  To no avail…I decided to stay in that tub, huddled up so that no one could see me in this sorry state.  It happened again in the tub, my entire body releasing pent up passions once again.

After what was maybe four hours, though it felt like an eternity, I emerged from the tub and had my night robe on.  Serranis was cleaning up the mess.  I knew she understood, but it felt shameful that I had let my emotions spark the whole episode.  She merely smiled.

“No one needs to know, cousin.  It’s okay.  I have had moments like that myself.”

Damn you, Cerelorn.  Come back.  Release me from this disorder.  Please.


~ by pleiadia on September 1, 2010.

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