The consequences of a very strange pregnancy are often one of the following:  Relief, Temporary Displeasure, or Bitterness.

I have the Relief.  I also have three little children to dote over.  Veridius, Pleiadia, and Exia…I did not want to inflict fate on any, but that is a minor concern now.  They are children, not subject to the cruel whims of destiny quite yet.  Veridius may already be a victim of it, though.  He’s a mage…

In Kaldorei society, it is quite clear that they do not like Highborne.  Anything that even smells of the Arcane is mistrusted.  Yet Veridius practically glows with it.  Just like his sisters, though…They also glow with whatever school of magic that had found them.  Exia glows with the very same Priestly powers I do, but far more concentrated.  Pleiadia is a walking Nature energy battery.  That is if she could walk…Which is not yet.  I have been feeding them the natural way, so I’ve grown used to being exposed in public.

It was not an easy birth, not by a long shot.  Only Exia, for some wierd twist of fate, was completely painless.  I did recall falling into a trance during her birth.  Anyway, it is done, and now I must care for them.  I had to craft a cloak for this purpose of carrying three children and keeping all four of us warm and protected.  They like the cloak, oddly…It must be the bear fur I guess.

Serranis is currently running family affairs in my stead, so that leaves me plenty of time to be a mother.  Which is just fine by me right now.

I needed the break.


~ by pleiadia on July 13, 2010.

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