Even more unexpected surprises?

Yes, I know I am carrying a child, one boy, but how did I miss the two girls that were also in my belly?!  Aside from that, things have been getting really strange around here, too.  The worst news, however, is that Gorvhat has returned.  That is news I do not wish to hear, but already have.  This is not a good time.

I also heard of some of the news surrounding Kes.  She lost her memory first, okay no big obstacle.  Then she and Mazi get into a few spats, nothing major so far.  But Mazi then threatens physical violence, kills the unborn child, and nearly does so to Kes?  Escelate a few days later, and Mazi gets into a fight with the Guard.  He gets blown up by a malfunction?  The universe is a cruel trickster where justice is concerned.

Thus ends one part of the problem for Kes, but add in a new wrinkle that she has fallen in love once more.  Nylann is quite nice, admittedly.  But they asked something of me that is not safe.  They want their minds linked to eachother, to prevent people from intruding on them again.  It is not all that safe; whatever one feels, the other will as well.  Let’s not forget any thought and memory if walls are not erected.  I also feel very unsure of other factors.  She won’t be carrying a child for a few days now, even if she wants to.  Her body still needs massive recovery before that can ever occur, and she is feeling impatient.

Serranis, my cousin, is the next surprise.  It appears that my cousin was part of a grand universal scheme in the family as well.  I am its Hand, but she is its Memory.  This makes things interesting for me; she knows the history of the family firsthand.  I just know its stories and legends.  And, of course, there is the fact that Serranis is back on active duty.  This is the most pleasant of surprises.  She is finally out of her past funk.  She did not tell me why it was, though.  I guess she will tell me when the time is right.

So much is changing…But I guess that is the one constant in the world.


~ by pleiadia on June 15, 2010.

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