I have located the original diary for my DK, and you know what that means…

Portions of it will be posted in discrete blocks.  Purely unedited, since I am sure the typographical errors are numerous.  I also found three of the original writings I made ont he Moon Guard forums.  These, too, will be posted.

This also means I will be reorganizing this site.  Bear with me.


~ by pleiadia on May 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Found!”

  1. Sorry I hadn’t been on lately Pled! If you happen onto horde side, do drop me a message. I’d love to role play with you again, but I seriously do not enjoy being on Q as much as I used to. The trolling had gotten out of hand and I honestly don’t care to be among the alliance anymore. My horde hunter is a neutral chaotic character, so who knows what route she would take, but she certainly doesn’t like the war as much as many others seem to.

    • I’ll be sure to. Relynil does need some buddies, and I have been getting somewhat bored with my 80s lately in terms of grinding. Just something about those end game grinds does get to me.

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