Of Plants and Romance

Serranis is not my usual cousin.  She is a warrior, so she likes to slice and dice.  But she has a talent with plants?  Who would have thought?  She grows a special lavender that really does attract attentions.  I have been taking to wearing it around Cerelorn.  Tender touches, innocent kisses, and the occasional ear chewing…This is going rather smoothly.

I’ve been working on the business at hand while being done so.  I cannot figure out for the life of me how I have been able to write straight or legibly in this journal.  It seems rather odd that I can.  I must wonder if something is behind that.  Then again, I live in a world where the strange has happened to me; I never expected a blindside romance to become so much a part of my life, but it has.  Now that everything seems to have settled in somewhat, I am relishing every chance to be by his side.  It also shows him the business side of things, and he will become a part of it for sure.  This family does a lot of things, and he needs to know what it does.

Soon enough, I will doing other things aside from business.  I will be trying to relax.  For now, this family needs its Elder Matron.


~ by pleiadia on May 15, 2010.

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