Long overdue, but horrible news…

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Family business has dragged me from regularly writing in this journal.  The life of an Elder Matron is marked by constantly trying to run things.  However, I wished the situation was more settled.

Remember some time back when I felt a shadow approaching, some unshakable feeling of wrongness?

Well, it happened.  Deathwing flies our skies once more.  Our world has been forever shattered.  And the Horde has overstepped its bounds.  Ashenvale is now a war zone like never before.  In these dire times, I have sent for aid, and it appears that someone else has thought the same.  Qerrathien has returned, and in a new form.  She has taken up the ways of her blood, taken up the ways of a mage.  I have sent some help myself.  Qerrathien is forming the Dark Fall Accord, a union of orders to put things back together again.  I have sent for Androma, of the Highborne branch, to assess and neutralize all threats before her.  Kalimdor must not suffer the fate of Draenor, nor all of Azeroth for that matter.  Now is the time to come together, Horde and Alliance.  If only Garrosh was so understanding, though.  I doubt he will be.  The Horde will become a threat, and we must put it down in order to do our work.  Not a killing blow, but certainly enough to get cooler heads to prevail in The Horde.

We have unexpected allies, however, in the Worgen.  Goldrimm, the rumored wolf aspect of druidism, is responsible for them, except by a curse caused by Arugal.  Now we receive the blessing of an ancient ally in our time of need.  I hope it is enough.

These are tough times, but Night Elves are tough people.  We have survived The Sundering, The Shifting Sands, The Third War, and even the Scourge War.  We will survive this Elune willing.



Strange dreams and hidden desires…

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((Caution:  This does have mature content.))

Cerelorn has been away for far too long.  To me anyway…When I heard a knocking at the Darnassus home, I opened my door and saw him.  He was back.  I couldn’t control myself.  I punched him, then kissed him on the lips, and then…There was no stopping it.  I threw him upon the bed and tore every article of clothing off of him and myself.  It was like I was not even there.  We rutted and howled as our passions flared.  Until the last moment when we both had let it all go, peaking.

I thought it was real…Then I awoke in bed, all alone.  The sheets were covered in sweat, and my lower body was slicked over.  My body still ached from the sensations, and I tried to lessen their impact by not flexing any of those muscles at all.  Yet it felt very good.  Serranis came in and tried to see what was causing such a stir.  She saw the state of my whole bed.  That was when embarrassment hit.  I flushed.

I walked myself to my tub to clean myself and try to relax the sensations still pulsing within me.  To no avail…I decided to stay in that tub, huddled up so that no one could see me in this sorry state.  It happened again in the tub, my entire body releasing pent up passions once again.

After what was maybe four hours, though it felt like an eternity, I emerged from the tub and had my night robe on.  Serranis was cleaning up the mess.  I knew she understood, but it felt shameful that I had let my emotions spark the whole episode.  She merely smiled.

“No one needs to know, cousin.  It’s okay.  I have had moments like that myself.”

Damn you, Cerelorn.  Come back.  Release me from this disorder.  Please.

On Constitutional…

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It is something I have decided that I needed.  Serranis as well it seems.  We’re taking our time far from the worries of duty and just being family.  While I grant you that this seems a bit off, and maybe even a bit short, but these triplets and Serranis matter more right now.  My cousin and I are two sides of the same coin, so it stands to reason that we take time to decide things.

When will we return?  Who knows…As long as we return with collected heads.


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The consequences of a very strange pregnancy are often one of the following:  Relief, Temporary Displeasure, or Bitterness.

I have the Relief.  I also have three little children to dote over.  Veridius, Pleiadia, and Exia…I did not want to inflict fate on any, but that is a minor concern now.  They are children, not subject to the cruel whims of destiny quite yet.  Veridius may already be a victim of it, though.  He’s a mage…

In Kaldorei society, it is quite clear that they do not like Highborne.  Anything that even smells of the Arcane is mistrusted.  Yet Veridius practically glows with it.  Just like his sisters, though…They also glow with whatever school of magic that had found them.  Exia glows with the very same Priestly powers I do, but far more concentrated.  Pleiadia is a walking Nature energy battery.  That is if she could walk…Which is not yet.  I have been feeding them the natural way, so I’ve grown used to being exposed in public.

It was not an easy birth, not by a long shot.  Only Exia, for some wierd twist of fate, was completely painless.  I did recall falling into a trance during her birth.  Anyway, it is done, and now I must care for them.  I had to craft a cloak for this purpose of carrying three children and keeping all four of us warm and protected.  They like the cloak, oddly…It must be the bear fur I guess.

Serranis is currently running family affairs in my stead, so that leaves me plenty of time to be a mother.  Which is just fine by me right now.

I needed the break.

Even more unexpected surprises?

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Yes, I know I am carrying a child, one boy, but how did I miss the two girls that were also in my belly?!  Aside from that, things have been getting really strange around here, too.  The worst news, however, is that Gorvhat has returned.  That is news I do not wish to hear, but already have.  This is not a good time.

I also heard of some of the news surrounding Kes.  She lost her memory first, okay no big obstacle.  Then she and Mazi get into a few spats, nothing major so far.  But Mazi then threatens physical violence, kills the unborn child, and nearly does so to Kes?  Escelate a few days later, and Mazi gets into a fight with the Guard.  He gets blown up by a malfunction?  The universe is a cruel trickster where justice is concerned.

Thus ends one part of the problem for Kes, but add in a new wrinkle that she has fallen in love once more.  Nylann is quite nice, admittedly.  But they asked something of me that is not safe.  They want their minds linked to eachother, to prevent people from intruding on them again.  It is not all that safe; whatever one feels, the other will as well.  Let’s not forget any thought and memory if walls are not erected.  I also feel very unsure of other factors.  She won’t be carrying a child for a few days now, even if she wants to.  Her body still needs massive recovery before that can ever occur, and she is feeling impatient.

Serranis, my cousin, is the next surprise.  It appears that my cousin was part of a grand universal scheme in the family as well.  I am its Hand, but she is its Memory.  This makes things interesting for me; she knows the history of the family firsthand.  I just know its stories and legends.  And, of course, there is the fact that Serranis is back on active duty.  This is the most pleasant of surprises.  She is finally out of her past funk.  She did not tell me why it was, though.  I guess she will tell me when the time is right.

So much is changing…But I guess that is the one constant in the world.


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I have located the original diary for my DK, and you know what that means…

Portions of it will be posted in discrete blocks.  Purely unedited, since I am sure the typographical errors are numerous.  I also found three of the original writings I made ont he Moon Guard forums.  These, too, will be posted.

This also means I will be reorganizing this site.  Bear with me.

Of Plants and Romance

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Serranis is not my usual cousin.  She is a warrior, so she likes to slice and dice.  But she has a talent with plants?  Who would have thought?  She grows a special lavender that really does attract attentions.  I have been taking to wearing it around Cerelorn.  Tender touches, innocent kisses, and the occasional ear chewing…This is going rather smoothly.

I’ve been working on the business at hand while being done so.  I cannot figure out for the life of me how I have been able to write straight or legibly in this journal.  It seems rather odd that I can.  I must wonder if something is behind that.  Then again, I live in a world where the strange has happened to me; I never expected a blindside romance to become so much a part of my life, but it has.  Now that everything seems to have settled in somewhat, I am relishing every chance to be by his side.  It also shows him the business side of things, and he will become a part of it for sure.  This family does a lot of things, and he needs to know what it does.

Soon enough, I will doing other things aside from business.  I will be trying to relax.  For now, this family needs its Elder Matron.